Soul Of Sonus


Soul Of Sonus

Genre: Soul/Blues

Panama City, Florida

To call Sonus an actual group is not an accurate description. The only official member is singer/programmer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Tom Bolton. Tom grew up in the D.C. area listening to classic rock, metal and alternative. In the early 90’s he sang in several rock and metal bands that played the D.C./Baltimore circuit. His music drastically changed after hearing Ministry’s albums “The Land of Rape and Honey” and” The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste”. Within a year or two he had left the metal scene and switched to industrial music where he was introduced to programming. During this time he started working on a project with John “Gotti” Phipps. Although the project never really took off, the experience helped him strengthen his love for programming. Also around the same time he worked a brief stint as an engineer at Pete Evick’s Clear Sound studio. Not long after, Tom got into digital recording and started his own studio where he started to work on electronic rock and techno.

In 1998 he moved to Panama City Beach, Fl where the laid back beach life eventually seeped into his music. Pulling from a wide array of influences [Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Perry Farrell, Bad Brains] his music was transformed into the soothing psychedelic reggae rock vibe it has today. “The Trees EP Vol I” is the first of four to be released with distribution through Potomac Records.